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SIP Trunking saves money by getting rid of legacy PRIs, consolidating bandwidth for greater efficiency, and providing the opportunity to centralize resources and management. SIP Trunks are now widely available and from an expanding number of service providers, but substantial challenges continue to exist. These include configuration issues; interoperability; service level agreements; even basic problems of terminology confusion among service providers, enterprise "voice" staff and "data" staff. Enterprise Connect's SIP Trunking track offers practical guidance for those looking to adopt SIP Trunks. You'll learn how to procure SIP Trunks so that you get the type and amount of capacity that matches your needs; you'll learn the technology hurdles for cutover; and you'll come away with a plan for dealing with service provider challenges and implementation "gotchas," so that your SIP Trunking deployment pays off as promised.

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The role of the CIO has changed more in the past five years than any other position in business. Historically, the CIO and IT leaders were responsible for managing the technology infrastructure, but had little to do with transforming the business. Today’s mandate for IT leaders is to deploy technology as a catalyst for change and drive business change and worker productivity.