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Video traffic continues to grow on enterprise networks, though much of this growth is shifting from room-based systems to the desktop or mobile devices. At the same time, technical advances continue to be made around codecs and the WebRTC standard for browsers. In this track, you will learn how to incorporate the newest developments in video even as you "sweat" your legacy video assets; you'll hear experts discuss the options for extending video cost-effectively; and you'll learn how to manage video systems so as to provide the best video experience at the most reasonable cost to your enterprise.

Track Sessions

Emerging Video Technologies

Lync for Conference Room Video?

The Rise and Fall of Conference Room Video

Video Bridging: New Technologies and Business Models

Video as a Service: Will Consumerization Carry the Day?

WebRTC for Enterprise Video: Does it Really Matter?

Video Everywhere: What Happens to Your Workflow?

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Track Chair:

Andrew Davis

Senior Partner and Analyst, Wainhouse Research LLC