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WebRTC: What Does It Mean for Your Enterprise?

WebRTC has been a hot topic for more than three years now, and there are signs that this Web communications standard may finally be reaching critical mass of acceptance. But what does the continued evolution and growth of the WebRTC ecosystem mean for your enterprise? Most of the big names in enterprise communications have expressed support for WebRTC, joining Google and the other Web-centric vendors that sparked the WebRTC movement, as well as newer startups in the mobile apps space.

But how much of this support and activity has translated into real-world products and implementations? And how many enterprises are deriving real business value from WebRTC technology today?

To help your enterprise answer these questions, Enterprise Connect is proud to present its fourth-annual WebRTC Conference-within-a-Conference. This full day of programming will provide you with the most current information on the status of WebRTC standards and product development. You’ll hear from the thought leaders who are driving the standards efforts, and you’ll get to see live demos of WebRTC-based products. Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from end users who have implemented WebRTC within their enterprises. You’ll come away with a clear idea of what WebRTC can do for you today, and what it could mean for your future.


Monday, March 7, 2016
8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Agenda Coming Soon