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WebRTC: Is It Ready for the Enterprise?

WebRTC has been a hot topic for more than two years now, and many companies—established vendors as well as startups—are moving forward with WebRTC projects and even products. Many of the big names in enterprise communications including Avaya, Cisco, Oracle, and others, have made significant moves in support of WebRTC—joining Google and the other Web-centric vendors that sparked the WebRTC movement.

Despite these signs of progress, there’s still work to be done in basic areas including standardization and acceptance by all of the browser manufacturers. So where does WebRTC stand in relation to the enterprise? As promising as this technology is, has it progressed to the point that it can provide real business value for your enterprise?

To help your enterprise answer these questions, Enterprise Connect is proud to present its third annual WebRTC Conference-within-a-Conference. This full day of programming will provide you with the most current information on the status of WebRTC standards and product development. You’ll hear from the thought leaders that are driving the standards efforts, and you’ll get to see live demos of WebRTC-based products. Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from end users who have actually implemented WebRTC within their enterprises. You’ll come away with a clear idea of what WebRTC can do for you today, and what it could mean for your future.


Monday, March 16, 2015
8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

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The State of WebRTC

What is WebRTC? Why is it so intriguing to vendors, service providers, software developers, and UC leaders? Where’s the real value in WebRTC and where’s the hype?
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The business value of webrtc

WebRTC has received a great deal of media interest in recent years, and there are already some significant deployments. During this session we’ll look at some of the ways that WebRTC can and is delivering tangible business value through new services, reduced costs, and improved collaboration.
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WebRTC Messaging and Its Impact on UC Systems

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webrtc standards update: when will webrtc become available for you?

Hear from those directly involved with WebRTC standards development as they discuss how close we are to a truly ubiquitous ability to support WebRTC across browsers and applications.
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The WebRTC Innovators

See and hear first-hand what WebRTC can deliver through demos of what WebRTC can do and what it takes to deploy their capabilities as taught by various WebRTC providers and developers.
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real-world webrtc deployments

Hear examples of real-world WebRTC deployments, the business value that they provide, the lessons learned, and the drivers for deployment.
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will webrtc destroy or enable the communications market?

How will WebRTC impact the telecommunications, mobile, and UC markets? Will it destroy existing offerings or will it lead to new innovative services that replace existing offerings? Will it enable expansion of and augmentation of communications capabilities or further dilute and disperse them? Is there an answer somewhere in the middle?
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WebRTC Reception