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WebRTC: Is It Ready for Prime Time?

The web is already voice-enabled via Skype and other Over-the-Top (OTT) applications, APIs and approaches. But what's available today is proprietary, complicated to implement and expensive to integrate.

WebRTC, is emerging with the claim that a browser-based approach can overcome the difficulties and costs of the current approaches by enabling real-time voice and video to be directly embedded into browsers. With some powerful WebRTC backers — including Google, Mozilla, Cisco, Avaya, Siemens and Microsoft — we're in a situation where movement towards making the Web truly "multimedia" is gaining momentum

Don’t miss this full day of programming focused on WebRTC and hear experts analyze how ready it is for prime-time, while you'll learn first-hand what the real story is – WebRTC's myths, realities, promise and pitfalls. You'll gain a thorough understanding of whether WebRTC is right your enterprise and whether it can help you achieve your organizational goals.


Monday, March 17, 2014
8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Location: Osceola B


(subject to change)


WebRTC for Business

WebRTC is so new that few enterprises have any real-world experience with it. You will get a firm grounding in the technical aspects of WebRTC: What, exactly is it? How does it work? Where can it be deployed in enterprises, carrier networks, and user endpoints? How difficult is it to deploy and use, and what are the technical obstacles?

Under the Hood with WebRTC

Get a tutorial and some hands-on exercises to learn how to code WebRTC and create applications. The emphasis will be on creating raw code as well as on using pre-built third-party WebRTC software.




Interoperability: Integrating WebRTC with the Rest of the Known World

Some WebRTC use cases will work well as standalone application; however, many WebRTC applications will require integration with PBXs, video systems, LDAP directories, and the PSTN. This session will discuss how to integrate WebRTC applications with existing communications investments and environments.




The WebRTC Innovators

See and hear first-hand what WebRTC can deliver through demos of what WebRTC can do and what it takes to deploy their capabilities as taught by various WebRTC providers and developers.


WebRTC: The Voice of the Customer

This is an end-user focused panel in which IT organizations evaluating or using WebRTC provide us with a reality check on what is driving interest, how they are building a business case, and what challenges they are encountering.




The Future of WebRTC -Market Breaker or Market Maker

In this panel session, those on the front lines of WebRTC from the vendor, analyst, and consultant communities will square off to discuss where WebRTC is going. From blue sky prophecies down to deep-rooted comms fundamentals, the panelists will state and argue their case for the positions they take. This session promises to be highly entertaining as passion for all positions will be on display.