You are welcome to submit a new version of an existing product but keep in mind that the judges are looking for revolutionary products rather than evolutionary products.

The 4 members of the BOEC Judging Committee review all entries. A preliminary round of voting is held to choose 6 Finalists. Finalists are required to teleconference with the judges prior to the start of Enterprise Connect to cover the specifics of their product or service. Remote product demos, slides and briefings are all appropriate for these teleconferences.

Winners will be announced at the awards presentation, to be held Wednesday, March 29, 2017, at Enterprise Connect Orlando 2017.

Finalists for the "Best of Enterprise Connect Awards" will be notified a few weeks prior to the show by phone. Winner will not be announced until the award ceremony.

Finalists and winner receive a marketing package including a customizable press release, electronic logos, usage rights to the logo and other marketing communications guidelines so that they can leverage the company's Best of Enterprise Connect status. Finalists will also receive a sign for their booth.

No, but you will be notified if you are a finalist. All finalists are encouraged to attend the ceremony on March 29.

Yes. Please contact us to discuss a non-disclosure agreement. We can ensure that your submission is kept private. If your product is selected as a finalist the nondisclosure agreement will no longer be in effect since Enterprise Connect reserves the right to announce "Best of Enterprise Connect" finalists prior to the start of the show.