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Enterprise communications is no longer a silo, and that means that old ways of building a strategic vision and plan need to change. The pace of technology change is also speeding up. Now is the time to start building your plans for keeping up with and even leveraging the strategic transformation that’s coming in the next 3 years. You need to be ready for the evolution of today’s communications/collaboration systems, and their potential integration with technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), advanced analytics, 5G cellular, Internet of Things, voice recognition/speech synthesis, bots, and more.

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The sessions in this conference-within-a-conference reflect the key technology streams that Enterprise Connect covers: Core Communications/Collaboration; Cloud Communications; Video; Contact Center; and Mobility. Forward-looking experts and industry watchers will head up these sessions, delving into the emerging technologies that promise to shape the next wave of strategic decisions that leading enterprises will have to make in 2022.

The purpose of this conference-within-a-conference is to deliver the information that enterprise decision-makers need to understand today about the technology elements that will likely be commercially available and enterprise-ready by 2022. This day is not about painting futuristic, pie-in-the-sky scenarios that may happen “someday.” Instead, sessions will comprise carefully considered discussions that provide a realistic look at the technologies likely to drive enterprise communications decision-making in 2022.

Communications & Collaboration Platforms 2022: Is the Transition Underway?

Enterprises are beginning to seek new platforms for productivity, a theme that has accelerated through 2018 and will gather momentum at least through 2022. This re-platforming will not be a flash-cut: PBX lifecycles are being extended, and vendors are offering hybrid interoperability with new team collaboration platforms. However enterprises are taking steps to begin the migration from the legacy PBX to the new collaboration platforms, which offer new opportunities for integration with other apps and services, to bolster both personal and team productivity.

Given these trends, what will collaboration and communication solutions look like in 2022 and why? In this session, a leading industry analyst will discuss how much of a future your current platform has, and what platform will replace it (if any). You’ll come away better equipped to plan your strategic migration away from the legacy systems of the past, with a realistic idea of where you are likely to end up in three years—and beyond.


  • Will your platform be 100% cloud-based in three years? What if any role will legacy PBXs still play?
  • How will AI be used to augment your platform?
  • How will you be weighing best-of-breed/suite vs. single-vendor considerations?
  • What role will mobility play in your platform in three years?
  • How will synchronous and asynchronous collaboration tools be deployed in comparison to the past? Will they be part of a single strategy?
  • Will your strategic platform in 2022 include both B2B (internal) and B2C (external) communications? What evidence do we have that this convergence is already underway, and why is it important?

Contact Centers 2022: Automation vs. AI-Assisted Humans: Where to Draw the Line

Three decades of technology investments haven’t changed the fundamental nature of customer service. It has remained labor intensive and highly dependent on people. But now the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI), chatbots, and robotic automation look promising to organizations under the pressure of reducing costs. They are also appealing as a way to improve the Customer Experience (CX) and handle increasing volumes of customer inquiries on digital channels.

This panel will explore how AI and automation will change human-assisted service in the next three years—whether that impact will be more to replace agent workload and reduce the number of agents needed; or merely supplement agent activity to provide better customer experience, while incrementally improving agent metrics.


  • What new customer self-service scenarios will become possible in the next 3 years?
  • How will the new technologies impact the Customer Experience?
  • How can AI and automation drive the adoption and usage of digital channels such as Facebook Messenger or Apple Business Chat?
  • How is the role of customer service representatives likely to change as AI/automation grow in adoption?

Communications & Collaboration 2022: Emerging Technologies Realizing Their Promise?

Cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have been used to make the way we collaborate more efficient and cheaper, but that shouldn't be the end goal. Cloud, AI, and IoT have the power to create an entirely new paradigm in collaboration, though the industry has barely scratched the surface here. When will this next phase happen? What changes will we see in the next three years? In this session, a leading industry analyst will offer a critical examination of how far cloud, AI, and IoT have really progressed already, and what the real-world status of these technologies is likely to be by 2022. You’ll learn about adoption trends and obstacles; technology maturity; the likeliest areas for near-term transition; and the areas where the technology is most likely still overhyped. You’ll come away better able to form realistic expectations for how much of a communications/collaboration revolution we’ll really see on the ground between now and 2022.


  • What level of overall cloud adoption are we likely to see in the next 3 years, and how will the broader migration to the cloud impact enterprise communications and collaboration?
  • Do businesses use the cloud to operate differently?
  • What are the biggest collaboration problems that AI can solve right now? And what capabilities will AI be enabling within
  • Will IoT have gained significant adoption within many enterprise verticals by 2022, and how are these systems likely to be integrated with communications and collaboration? / * How should enterprise IT organizations, and especially communications/collaboration decision-makers, plan and organize to capitalize on the developments in cloud, AI, and IoT?

Video Conferencing and AV 2022: Realizing the Promise?

Change is certainly in the air in the video conferencing and AV worlds. Compared to just five years ago, we’ve seen massive changes in all areas. Vendors are offering different products and services, promoting and positioning them in new ways, and selling them under different business models. And, of course, we have a new crop of sales people pitching those solutions. Industry channel partners are changing what they offer, how they offer it, and the services they include. And they’re navigating through the shift from small deployments to massive global projects involving thousands of users and spaces around the world. And finally, customers are struggling to keep up with the pace of change in technology, workflows, integrations, partnerships, capabilities, and deployment options.

For this session, we’ve assembled a panel of executives from the companies driving the future of collaboration. These are the visionary leaders who are pushing the envelope and moving the needle. If you’re trying to figure out where these markets are going, and what you need to do to prepare and prosper in the next few years, this is the session for you.


  • Which emerging trends in video conferencing and A/V will grow over the next 3 years, and which will fade?
  • What are the biggest opportunities for the industry in the near future?
  • How will the industry landscape evolve—which types of providers will offer the most appealing solutions, and what will those solutions look like?
  • Will video finally become ubiquitous? Will it be the “new voice,” at least for knowledge workers?
  • What do enterprise customers need to do to prepare for the new environment?


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