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Hear from some of the brightest industry thought leaders as they discuss the latest trends and groundbreaking shifts in the unified communications and collaboration space. General Sessions also take place on the Enterprise Connect Keynote Stage, and are open to attendees with any paid Conference pass, as well as to Expo Plus pass holders.


Tuesday, March 31 | 9:45 - 10:15 AM

Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft 365

In his current role at Microsoft, Jared is responsible for Microsoft 365 marketing, including business management, product marketing, and go-to-market programs. He joined Microsoft in 2006 and has focused on productivity in various marketing, product management, and business roles at the company over the last 13 years. Prior to Microsoft, Jared worked in a number of small- and mid-sized technology companies in a variety of roles, including engineering, product management, product marketing, business management, and sales.


Wednesday, April 1 | 10:00 - 10:30 AM

Stewart Butterfield, Co-Founder & CEO, Slack

Stewart Butterfield is the CEO and Co-Founder of Slack. Over the past 20 years, he has had a distinguished career as an entrepreneur, designer, and technologist.

In 2014, Stewart helped found Slack, a new category of software that changed the way we work by bringing together people, applications, and data to help teams do their best work. Since then, over 600,000 organizations in over 150 countries have turned to Slack to increase their organizational agility--making it the place to communicate, collaborate, and get work done.

In 2003, he pioneered a new way of sharing information on the Internet when he co-founded Flickr and built the company as CEO into one of the largest web services in the world.

He was named as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World by Time Magazine, and one of the Top 50 Leaders by BusinessWeek among many similar honors, such as Vanity Fair’s New Establishment List, the Recode 100, Advertising Age’s Creativity 50, and the Technology Innovator of the Year by the Wall Street Journal.

Wednesday, April 1 | 10:45 - 11:15 AM

Eric S. Yuan, Founder & CEO, Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

Eric Yuan founded Zoom in 2011 to deliver happiness and bring teams together to get more done in a frictionless video environment. Zoom’s video-first unified communications platform continues to dramatically transform the way leading global enterprise companies communicate. Under Eric’s leadership, Zoom was one of the highest-performing tech IPOs of 2019.
Prior to founding Zoom, Eric was corporate vice president of engineering at Cisco, where he was responsible for Cisco's collaboration software development. Eric was one of the founding engineers and vice president of engineering at Webex. Between 1997 and 2011, he grew his team from 10 engineers to more than 800 worldwide and contributed to revenue growth from $0 to more than $800M.
Eric has been named one of the Most Powerful People in Enterprise Tech by Business Insider. In 2018, he was named the #1 CEO of a large US company by Glassdoor and EY Entrepreneur of the Year in Northern California (software category). Also in 2019, he was added to the Bloomberg 50, as a leader who changed the game in global business. Eric is a named inventor on 11 issued and 20 pending patents in real-time collaboration.

Wednesday, April 1 | 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Pasquale DeMaio, General Manager, Amazon Connect

Pasquale is the General Manager of Amazon Connect, which is Amazon Web Service’s self-service, cloud-based contact center based on the same technology used by Amazon customer service associates around the world to power millions of customer conversations. Pasquale led the effort to bring Amazon Connect from an Amazon-wide customer service tool to a publicly available Service from AWS.  He has 20 years of experience in delivering world-class B2B and B2C products. Prior to Amazon Connect, Pasquale has worked on machine learning, augmented reality, maps, and mobile. His specialties include operating SaaS at scale, delivering great customer experiences, and UX and technology innovation.

Strategic Industry Addresses

Tuesday, March 31 | 10:30 - 11:30 AM

Hear a top executive from a leading enterprise communications technology provider describe their vision and plan for moving the industry to its next level.

Anand Eswaran, President and COO, RingCentral

General Sessions

Monday, March 30 | 10:15 – 11:00 AM

Has Transformation Finally Arrived for Communications & Collaboration?

Pass type: Entire Event Only

Transformative technologies including cloud, ubiquitous video, team collaboration, and advanced contact centers seem finally to be making their power felt in enterprise communications and collaboration. These technology transformations are also driving new relationships between enterprises and their communications/collaboration vendors—and among the vendors themselves. So how do you make sure that your organization’s strategy is the right one to see your enterprise through the changes that lie ahead, within the environment where those changes will occur?

In this session, top executives from leading strategic vendors will discuss and debate the best way for enterprises to chart a course through the disruption that’s moved from vision to reality in the industry. They’ll reveal their companies’ positions on such key questions as:

  • Interoperability: Are walled gardens really going away as vendors promise greater interoperability than ever before? How can enterprises test interoperability promises against implementation realities?
  • Best-of-breed vs. Single vendor: Will the greater influence of end user choice drive the enterprise buying decision away from platforms, to best-of-breed choices at a departmental or other level? Or will we see more single-vendor decisions, as the major platform vendors begin offering a full suite of offerings from their cloud services?
  • Emerging Technology: How real is AI and what are its implications for various communications/collaboration functions? Is video becoming a more powerful decision driver than voice in enterprise procurements?
  • User interfaces: How important is the application—presumably team collaboration—in serving as a gateway to the communications/collaboration platform? Can the vendor “own” the end user by owning this relationship with them?

You’ll come away from this conversation with a better strategic view on the industry, to help you plan the future for your enterprise

Monday, March 30 | 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM

Workspace Transformation: Leading the Way on Employee Experience

Pass type: Entire Event & WorkSpace Connect Summit PassesOnly

Forward-looking businesses increasingly need to deliver exceptional employee experiences that spur innovation and increase productivity while producing a culture of collaboration. These initiatives require IT/communications leaders to deploy the right collaboration technologies, while the broader enterprise also offers the right sorts of workspaces and policies. The effort requires new levels of cooperation among enterprise IT, real estate/facilities, and HR teams.

Picking up these themes from Monday’s WorkSpace Connect Summit, this panel discussion will feature enterprise leaders who are helping create collaborative workspaces for their organizations. They’ll share insights on how to drive discussions among IT, HR, and real estate/facilities and provide tips on how you can develop a coherent strategy at your company.

Tuesday, March 31 | 9:05 – 9:40 AM

Enterprise Summit: Taking Your Communications & Collaboration to the Next Level

For enterprise communications & collaboration decision-makers, a new decade will likely bring changes and challenges unlike any we’ve seen before. Your strategy will have to provide end users with the tools they need for a new generation of collaboration and work. Your decisions will affect whether your enterprise can support world-class customer service, bring together teams that work effectively, and provide end users with the communications capabilities they’ll need and demand.

The good news is, you’re not alone. The better news is that in this session, you’ll have a chance to hear from peers who can talk in specifics about how they’re overcoming the obstacles, establishing the best practices, and setting the course for a new generation of communications and collaboration in the enterprise. In this session, decision-makers from leading enterprises across vertical industries will share their insights about how they’re planning for the future, and how they’re executing on their plans. In a lively, relatable conversation, they’ll swap stories and share opinions about what works, what doesn’t, where they’re headed, and why. You’ll come away from this perennial favorite session with concrete ideas that will help you shape your own thinking about your plan for the future.

Wednesday, April 1 | 9:15 – 10:00 AM

Transforming Customer Experience: Where’s the True AI Payoff?

When it comes to the contact center, the true value of AI is likely to be seen not in chatbots replacing human agents, but in AI providing a rich set of capabilities that let agents draw on ever-more-sophisticated systems. These systems may focus on the contact center infrastructure, with AI providing better agent routing than any ACD ever could; or the AI may help the agent on the call by providing deeper and more precise information at just the right moment. The agent may also benefit from AI-enabled robotic process automation (RPA) that aids in post-call tasks.

In this session, executives from leading contact center vendors will discuss the ways in which AI (and other advanced contact center technologies) will drive next-gen customer experience. They’ll debate the relationship between AI-enabled advances and the technologies that have been driving the contact center market—specifically cloud and omnichannel. They’ll suggest strategies for delivering quick wins with new technology, and where you’ll need to invest toward a longer-term payoff. They’ll discuss how next-gen customer experience technology will change your enterprise—and what changes you’ll have to make in order to make the best possible use of the new systems. You’ll come away from this session with practical advice about how to implement a strategic vision for your AI-driven customer experience revolution.

Thursday, April 2 | 10:15 – 11:15 AM

Challenges and Benefits of IoT for Enterprise Communications

IoT technology is becoming mainstream, and many enterprise IoT implementations require a communications component—whether it’s integration of IoT elements with communications systems, or the enterprise’s need to contract for network connectivity to support IoT devices and systems. So as IoT starts to converge with communications and collaboration systems in the enterprise, what new challenges will IT decision-makers face, and how might they be able to improve the service they provide to end users by integrating with IoT systems?

In this session, a range of enterprise stakeholders will discuss the forms that the UC-IoT convergence may take. They’ll discuss issues around technology, service procurement, compliance, and the impact on the end user. You’ll come away better prepared to help drive your enterprise’s strategy for harmonizing IoT with your communications architecture.

Thursday, April 2 | 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM

Locknote & Town Hall

Join us as we wrap up Enterprise Connect Orlando with a town hall session featuring many of the subject matter experts who helped shape the program and lead the conference sessions. We’ll exchange ideas about the what we learned this week, the state of the industry, and how these trends will affect your enterprise. Audience members are strongly encouraged to join in the discussion and share their impressions and learning from the week. You’ll leave this session—and Enterprise Connect Orlando 2020—with a clearer idea of what you need to do to make your current implementations a success; how you should be planning for the future; and what trends to watch in the coming 12 months.