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Monday, March 30

WorkSpace Connect’s one-day summit program provides in-depth, interdisciplinary sessions. Our speakers are experts across the IT, Real Estate/Facilities, and HR disciplines. The day’s programming is designed to help you create strategies, spaces, and best practices that enable collaboration among employees across situations, generations, work styles, and locations.

8:00 - 8:30 AM

How to Talk to Your Peers: Facilities/Real Estate, HR & IT

Creating and fulfilling a Digital Workplace Strategy requires unprecedented collaboration from departments that have traditionally existed as independent “swim lanes”—HR, Facilities/Real Estate, and IT/AV. This collaboration must be directly tied to outcomes that mutually benefit workers and the business. The first step in challenging the traditional silo’d decision-making is to provide evidence to leadership and peers across business groups that collaboration and joint-outcomes are table-stakes in the modern workplace. Connecting current workplace shortcomings directly to organizational friction is a useful approach to garnering the necessary support required to challenge the legacy lens. In this session, you’ll learn ways of engaging across the “swim lanes” to improve workplace strategies.


  • Tips on using today’s friction as evidence for the need to create a better future
  • Examples of how to hack the existing culture to get buy-in from lines of business leaders
  • A reframed approach to the entire workplace journey


Tom Bradbury, Founder, WorkplaceUX

8:30 - 9:00 AM

The Future of Meetings: Three Pillars of Change

How often have you heard the comment, “That was a great meeting?” You’re more likely to hear, “That was a waste of time.” Many feel that next-generation technology will come to the rescue, but the truth is there are more fundamental drivers that will shape how we meet in the future. Organizations and their workforces are changing how meetings themselves are conducted, and the physical workspaces themselves are evolving as well.

Come to this session to hear Forrester Vice President Art Schoeller address how trends around these three pillars — technology, organization, and physical workspace — are pushing the evolution of meetings, and get his projections for the changes we’ll see over the next five years.


  • Discover how the evolution of the organization and the workforce over the next five years will impact how we meet. (Hint, it’s not just about the Millennials!)
  • Get an answer to the question: Will meeting technology (including AI) be an enabler or continue to be an inhibitor to meeting effectiveness?
  • Learn how the evolution of the physical office space will contribute to an increase of virtual meetings is in our future.


Art Schoeller, Vice President & Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

9:15 - 9:45 AM

What HR and Facilities Can Learn from UC Analytics

Advances in UC data-gathering and analytics provide a wealth of information on factors such as meeting room utilization, ambient noise, interruptions, application adoption, worker location, and more. Working together, UC teams, HR, and facilities can leverage this data to optimize workspace experiences—but how? In this session, we’ll explore how organizations can leverage collaboration application data to better understand and improve workplace transformation efforts and facilities management, as well as to identify factors that contribute to retention and productivity.


  • Understand what data is available from UC applications and how HR and facilities teams can benefit from it.
  • Identify potential correlations in collaboration environments, productivity, and worker happiness.
  • Determine potential to leverage data to improve office design and space allocation.
  • Learn best practices for data gathering and sharing.


Irwin Lazar, Vice President and Service Director, Nemertes Research

10:15 - 11:00 AM

Flexible Working Practices: Empowering a Collaborative Workforce

Workplaces are undergoing major transformations propelled by technology and the desire for better human performance. In order to strengthen team relationships, build cultures of collaboration, and boost productivity, employers are focusing equally on the physical, social, and digital experiences of work. The result is an environment that is increasingly adaptable to occupant needs. In this session, Melissa Marsh, Founder of workplace consultancy PLASTARC and director of Occupant Experience at Savills, explores the benefits of flexible working while offering practical guidance on implementing these places and practices.


  • See work from a functional, activity-based perspective
  • Discover ways to measure effectiveness of different workplace approaches
  • Get tips on getting started, whether modifying an existing space or starting from scratch


Melissa Marsh, Founder and Executive Director, PLASTARC

2:00 - 2:45 PM

Optimizing for the Open Office: Technology & Design

Gone are the days when the workplace was a static environment, where employees arrived at the same spot each day to perform the same routine tasks.

Today’s workspace solutions need to be varied enough to accommodate a vast set of organizational and individual needs, while also being able to adapt to new requirements rapidly. In addition, they must enable a collaborative work experience while at the same time being mindful of employees’ need to disconnect and de-stress.

So, how does a company know which type of workspace solution is right for its employees? Design firms and/or workplace strategists approach the problem by identifying the unique DNA of the company and the specialized groups within it and tailoring the environment to meet everyone’s specific needs. This approach allows organizations to create curated experiences that provide employees with a la carte workplace options including services, location, and support. In this session, you’ll get specific insights about how to develop a plan and foster an environment that best meets the varied needs of your organization’s workforce.


  • Understand the specific design concepts and workplace options that can be implemented under the broad heading of “open office.”
  • Learn how to determine which concepts and options will work best for specific subsets of your employees.


Adriana Rojas, Director of Interiors, HOK


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