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My wife is the awesome marketing director for our town’s public library, and in that capacity she recently helped steer a successful referendum vote to fund the construction of a much-needed new facility. Her boss, the executive director, now gets to build a library. From scratch. How cool must that be?

Of course, there’s a lot more to it: many stakeholders, each with multiple opinions about everything, and the overarching need to make decisions with an eye toward what’s best for the community and what constitutes a wise investment of limited resources. But still, it’s exciting to create something brand-new.

That’s how I feel at about this time every year, when we start planning a new Enterprise Connect Orlando. Of course, it’s not exactly a greenfield situation: Enterprise Connect is an established event, with lots of elements that recur year over year, and an experienced team that’s done this many times, extremely well. So we’re not exactly starting from scratch. But each year is definitely a new experience. That’s especially true in a time of enormous change, such as now.

We’ll have lots of new things to talk about and experiment with at Enterprise Connect Orlando 2019. We’ll have a couple of new content tracks to add to our program; new breakout sessions throughout the conference; new features for the show floor; and lots more.

We’ve already launched our Call for Participation, and if you have any interest at all in sharing your knowledge and perspectives with the industry -- whether you work for a vendor, channel partner, or (especially) an enterprise end-user organization -- I encourage you to check out the CFP and consider sending in a brief proposal. We’re not looking for you to propose a whole session or specific presentation; we’re more interested in the broad outline of what you’re concerned with, and why our audience needs to hear about it.

And if you’re unfamiliar with Enterprise Connect and would like to see what it’s all about, we’ve just published an eBook that rounds up a lot of the biggest developments that came out of our 2018 event last March. It also gives you a taste of our year-round community website, No Jitter, which covers EC extensively for one week a year, and reports on the industry with unmatched depth and expertise all year-round.

This really is an amazing time to be working in our industry. New technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) promise to accelerate the already-increasing pace of change; new players are entering the market at an unprecedented pace, while legacy players battle to ensure their place in the next generation. The job of providing communications capabilities to enterprise end users has become more complex than ever, demanding new skill sets and adaptability like never before. Enterprise Connect Orlando is the place where you can feel this energy all around you, and can draw on that energy to supercharge your career.

I’ll be using this space over the next several months to give you a sneak peek at what we’ve got in the works for the show, and will also be using it to ask for your input. I’m looking forward to the conversation.