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There were a lot of announcements at Enterprise Connect Orlando 2019; you can see a compilation of them as well as a roundup of press coverage at the EC website; and of course No Jitter has a wealth of insightful coverage from the industry’s leading experts, many of whom were also key presenters on the EC conference program. But I want to talk here about one other announcement—one that I had the privilege of making from the EC keynote stage last Wednesday.

During my announcement, I shared that Enterprise Connect will launch a second event, to take place this fall. Today I’m pleased to follow up with the full details on time and location: Our new conference, WorkSpace Connect, will make its debut September 9-11 at the Westin Galleria hotel in Dallas.

The basic idea behind WorkSpace Connect is that collaboration within the enterprise includes, but isn’t limited to, the software and hardware tools that users employ as part of their daily work. Enterprise Connect focuses on collaboration from that technology perspective, and that’s not going to change. Enterprises make big investments and big bets on the technology they’ll use to support communications among employees and with customers; whether we’re talking about the contact center, video, messaging, or even old-school voice, enterprise decision-makers need in-depth, technically-savvy analysis. And that’s what Enterprise Connect will go on providing every spring.

But our new fall event will look at collaboration with a wider lens. Collaboration isn’t just about the technology tools you use; it’s about how people work with each other, and how enterprises can invest wisely to enable better collaboration. That certainly embraces technology, but it’s also about the spaces where work happens; the policies that let employees work in different ways from different places; and enterprises’ need to foster employee engagement in order to ensure the best possible workforce for a competitive future. At WorkSpace Connect, we’ll cover all of these elements of collaboration’s broader definition.

The audience for WorkSpace Connect will include our EC audience of IT/communications decision-makers—after all, you’re obviously one of the most critical stakeholders in the future of collaboration at work. But one thing we heard repeatedly last week in Orlando as we discussed our new event with attendees, is that IT needs better ways to work with counterparts in areas such as A/V, Facilities, Real Estate, and even HR. The program at WorkSpace Connect will aim to provide content that will help all of these constituencies work together better.

Because it’s a new event, WorkSpace Connect will not be anywhere near the scale of Enterprise Connect, which has grown pretty massive. (More than 200 exhibitors and more than 7,200 attendees gathered at the Gaylord Palms last week.) We’re looking to launch a more focused, conference-centered event where the emphasis will be on smaller-group learning and networking. We’ll have an exhibit space, but the emphasis there will be much more on conversations and small-scale technology-based demonstrations, as opposed to the huge booths and frenzied activity of the EC19 show floor.

We’ve already begun developing content around WorkSpace Connect. We’ve launched a newsletter that you can sign up for here; and we’ll be posting content to both No Jitter and the WorkSpace Connect website to provide ongoing engagement and learning for this developing audience. We’ll also be launching a Call for Participation for the WorkSpace Connect program, and expect to have the bulk of the program on line by mid-May.

If your responsibilities lead you toward a focus on collaboration that goes beyond technology; or if you’re technology-focused but your strategy is being challenged because it needs more effective buy-in from other elements of the business, I hope you’ll check out WorkSpace Connect’s emerging and growing presence online. And if you find useful content there, I hope you’ll consider joining us in Dallas September 9-11.

Eric Krapf
GM & Program Co-Chair Enterprise Connect & WorkSpace Connect
Publisher, No Jitter

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