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I’ve seen several people comment on the way time seems to be distorted as we pass through our current crisis. Almost unbelievable things are coming at us daily, even hourly, and it changes the way we perceive our world. I honestly can barely remember a time when I’d wake up in the morning with the baseline assumption that I was going to work that day to put together a large trade show that was going to happen in Orlando, Fla., at the end of this month. Yet it’s only been 10 days since we decided to postpone Enterprise Connect 2020 to the week of August 3 in San Francisco.

There’s very little certainty about this moment, but there’s still work that must be done. Enterprise communications managers are mostly finding themselves busy trying to help their end users cope with their new work-from-home reality. It’s kind of ironic that we used to talk a lot about needing to drive user adoption of new collaboration tools; now you probably have users knocking down your doors trying to get these tools—and get them working optimally.

You have to believe that when this crisis is over and people return to some semblance of their normal work patterns many things about the way they collaborate won’t go back to how they used to be. At this point, of course, it’s impossible to know just what those long-term effects will be.

So we’re going to offer up some free content that’s aimed at helping enterprise communications folks deal with issues they may be facing today as they deliver services to end users, as well as grapple with the underlying issues that will still exist, even if in a different form, when all of this is over. We’ve updated several of our planned Enterprise Connect Orlando sessions with content that accounts for our new reality and will be running them as webinars during the week of March 30—to coincide with the timing of the original in-person event. We’ll also have keynote addresses from some of the industry’s leading technology providers; listen in to hear about their visions and how they’re shifting due to recent events.

The webinar lineup includes:

  • Tools for the Times: What Works for Working from Home—Phil Edholm and Brent Kelly, who do our wildly popular Cisco vs. Microsoft session in Orlando, are turning their attention to the challenges you face as you roll out collaboration platforms and try to make them work for the situation in which you now find yourself
  • Cloud to the Rescue: Will it Work for You?—Consultant Melissa Swartz will help you understand the role cloud services can play in meeting the current moment
  • Market Report: The Cloud Contact Center Challenge—Transition, not Technology—Sheila McGee-Smith, the leading contact center analyst, will look at how the current situation might affect a market that was already undergoing deep transitions

Those are just a few examples. You can sign up for free and attend as many sessions March 30 - April 1 as your schedule permits; but don’t worry if you can’t make them all—they’ll be available on demand from our online archive, so you’ll be able to check them out over the coming weeks.

Providing the enterprise communications industry with great content is what we do, both at Enterprise Connect as well as every day on line at No Jitter and WorkSpace Connect. So we’re going to keep on doing it, as we wait to see what the future holds for all of us.

Eric Krapf
GM & Program Co-Chair Enterprise Connect & WorkSpace Connect
Publisher, No Jitter

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