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Change management has always been a part of IT’s responsibilities, but the task is more complex—and important—than ever. As enterprises embrace new styles and modes of work for their employees, your job is no longer just to train people on how to use a new technology. It even goes beyond the recent need for you to drive user adoption of the new technology. Increasingly, you have to be a part of the team that helps people adjust to the context in which they’ll be using that technology.

We have a terrific post on this topic from Monica Gionet, director of unified communications at Hertz. You can find the article on WorkSpace Connect, a website that the Enterprise Connect team has just launched. This website is dedicated to creating a community where enterprise specialists can come together to share ideas on how to implement the workplace of the future. In practical terms, the teams most involved in this process come primarily from three departments within the enterprise: IT/AV, HR, and Facilities/Real Estate. Members of these teams each have a role to play—in understanding what employees need and what policies will support those needs (HR); developing the spaces in which the collaborative work of the future will take place (Facilities/Real Estate); and equipping employees with the tools they need in order to come together and get that work done (IT/AV).

Monica’s post is a great example of how IT/communications professionals need to think about the larger changes that their enterprise may be making in the employee experience, and what that means for those who support end-user technology. The problem she addresses: How to get employees on board when the enterprise decides to change an office space from dedicated seating to a more flexible design. Monica draws on her experience with two such transitions to offer six tips to help employees make the move and get their buy-in. Only one of those tips has to do with technology; the rest deal with how to help people adjust to potential changes such as adoption of hotdesking, where employees may not have their own dedicated desk assigned to them.

The underlying theme of Monica’s post is that you can help your enterprise make this transition, and that your perspectives are important. What comes up in just about all of her tips is the importance of respecting employees’ opinions and understanding their motivations. This needs to be an ongoing conversation between management and employees, and it’s one in which you simply can’t separate the technology from the spaces or the policies any longer.

This is the type of article that our new WorkSpace Connect community website will specialize in: Practical advice from professionals who get their knowledge through real-world experience. I’m tremendously proud of Enterprise Connect’s editorial team of Beth Schultz, Ryan Daily, and Dana Casielles for creating a website that’s going to be the thought leader for IT/AV, HR, and Facilities/Real Estate professionals who need a place to come together to create the workplace strategies of the future. They’ve assembled a cadre of contributors who are experts across all three of those fields, and will be sharing their insights every day with the WorkSpace Connect community.

And to jump-start the launch of this new community, we’re also holding a one-day conference-within-a-conference, collocated with Enterprise Connect next month. This WorkSpace Connect Summit takes place on Monday, March 30, and includes independent experts speaking on topics ranging from the future of meeting rooms to the implications of open office design, and how to get your IT, HR, and Facilities/Real Estate people working together. If workplace strategy is becoming an important concern in your enterprise, I encourage you to register for the WorkSpace Connect Summit and join us in Orlando—and of course, to keep up with our online community site.

Eric Krapf
GM & Program Co-Chair Enterprise Connect & WorkSpace Connect
Publisher, No Jitter

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