Skype for Business Deep Dive

December 7, 2016

Make Skype for Business Work for Your Enterprise

Microsoft's Skype for Business presents enterprise communications decision-makers with a dizzying array of choices and challenges—from infrastructure models to ecosystem choices to options for end user deployment. You need actionable, real-world information from those who have been in the trenches—and that’s what this Enterprise Connect Virtual Event brings you.

The Virtual Event’s in-depth program features presentations by Skype for Business subject matter experts addressing the range of technology and business challenges that you face in your migration, with an additional focus on making Skype for Business work for your end users. You'll also have the opportunity to learn about leading companies in the Skype for Business ecosystem. Attendees will come away from this intensive, fast-paced Virtual Event with a wealth of information and insights that can help make Skype for Business work for your enterprise.


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