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Enterprise Connect's expert-led Virtual Event will focus on the latest industry insights and best practices needed to effectively implement a Skype for Business strategy.

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12:15 - 1:00 PM ET
Preparing Your Users to Succeed with Skype

Ultimately, the success of your Skype for Business implementation will depend on whether your end users actually become more productive by using this tool. In this session, Kevin Kieller, an independent expert and veteran of many Skype for Business deployments, will help you understand the key elements of a strategy for end user adoption and utilization. Some of the topics Kevin will cover include:

  • Understanding your users’ real needs (developing use cases)
  • Selecting the right endpoints for the right user types—desk phones, headsets, meeting room phones
  • How to build a training program that users will embrace and truly learn from, both initially and on an ongoing basis
  • Equipping your users to succeed in meeting rooms: Skype Room Systems, Surface Hub, Video interoperability
  • You’ll come away from this session with a detailed blueprint for putting Skype for Business into your users’ hands and making it work for them.

  Speaker: Kevin Kieller, Partner, enableUC



2:00 - 2:30 PM ET

Migration Strategies for Video Interoperability in a Skype for Business World 

As Skype for Business becomes more widely deployed and utilized for desktop video, enterprises are faced with the challenge of connecting their users with their existing H.323/SIP meeting room systems. There are a few different ways to achieve the face-to-face collaboration experience between legacy video systems, and the options provide varying degrees of interoperability. Not one approach fits all, options today include:

  • investing in more infrastructure
  • subscribing to conferencing bridge services
  • cloud registration services
  • cloud interoperability services 

So how do you choose what best fits your needs? This session will address the technical challenges, risks and rewards of the different approaches available.

Speaker: Jon Tracey, StarLeaf, VP OpenCloud

3:45 – 4:30 PM ET 

Your Planning and Deployment Checklist for Cloud and CPE

Eventually all paths lead to the cloud; the question is "When?" You need to be preparing for the cloud, since this is clearly Microsoft’s direction for the future of Skype for Business. At the same time, you’ve got to proceed with your plans for on-prem rollout in order to deliver results and functionality this year. This session will help you understand the most critical issues in making sure that your Skype for Business rollout…

  • stays on track
  • or, gets off to the right start, if you haven’t yet started
  • or, gets back on track, if you have encountered obstacles

Kevin Kieller will update you on the latest announcements out of September’s Microsoft Ignite event, as well as providing detailed technology and licensing information that will help you deal with the problems you may face now, and steps to take now to make sure your ongoing Skype for Business strategy is a success.

Among the key pain points and challenges Kevin will address:

  • Why your network will almost certainly cause you problems
  • How to manage moves, adds, changes, DIDs and extensions
  • How to keep your environment healthy
  • How to deal with end user complaints

You’ll come away with an arsenal of information and best practices that will help you make your Skype for Business deployment pay off.

Speaker: Kevin Kieller, partner, enableUC



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