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Skype for Business Deep Dive

July 20, 2016

Microsoft’s Skype for Business remains one of the most important topics in enterprise communications, but the challenges in this space are changing rapidly. Microsoft has made a strong commitment to a cloud deployment model for Skype for Business via the Office 365 E5 enterprise licensing plan and Cloud PBX offering. But how quickly—and how fully--can (or should) your enterprise move from premises-based Skype for Business (or other vendors’ platforms) to cloud-based Skype for Business? When will cloud-based Skype for Business achieve feature parity with the premises version and with legacy communications platforms? Do you need a hybrid strategy for the near term?


This Virtual Event offers online webcasts featuring leading experts discussing adoption and implementation strategy and decision-making around Skype for Business in addition to helping answer the above questions.

The environment also gives you access to a wealth of informative collateral to take away, study and share with your colleagues. If, like most enterprises, Skype for Business Strategy is an issue you're confronting today, you need to take advantage of this informative deep dive into the technology and business issues that Skype for Business poses.

Registration will open soon.


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