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“You don’t always get what you want. That’s a fact of life, and you just have to roll with it.”  

I heard this the other day while chatting with an enterprise IT manager, and thought to myself, “Well, that’s a healthy attitude.” So, I’m sharing here. It’s a good reminder to all -- especially during a time of year known as a period of reflection and rejuvenation -- not to sweat the small stuff. Actually, let’s make that the big stuff, too.

This comment was specific to technology decisions made for reasons other than to deliver the best service to end users. You all know what I’m talking about, no doubt.

How many times during your career have politics unduly influenced a purchase agreement or killed a project -- whether already in progress or yet to get off the ground? How many times has a top technology choice been preempted by the company’s need to meet contractual obligations with another vendor? How many times have you gone to battle on a budget that would get you what you really need… and failed?

The battles you fight, big and small, aren’t exclusive to technology decisions, of course. People-related issues can be problematic, too.
Many of you will have lots of experience working on projects that have been understaffed or not staffed with the appropriate levels of technical know-how or business expertise. Others might not be able to fill open positions in your department as you fight for talent with companies offering more competitive packages than you’ve been able to get sign-off on. Or perhaps you’re at loggerheads with your business constituents -- who are critical for your project success but ever resistant to change.

Faced with such business realities, you need to learn to adapt – to “roll with it.” But don’t roll over. The mark of a true leader is someone who will stand up for what’s best for a project, the department, a business unit, or the company as a whole, and then determine how to achieve these goals even against the odds. As you reflect on 2018 and rejuvenate for the year head, think “empowerment.”

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Beth Schultz
Program Co-Chair, Enterprise Connect
Editor, No Jitter