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Contact Center & Customer Experience

Contact centers and the customer experiences they support have never been more important. To meet the demands of relentless competition, contact centers are leveraging advanced technologies from AI to the cloud, while converging with business processes from workforce optimization to digital engagement. This track offers practical insights to help you support sophisticated customer journey strategies, alongside core system upgrades that deliver ROI based on time-tested contact center and agent metrics.

Video Collaboration & A/V

Videoconferencing has become indispensable for remote work, but now enterprises must optimize their video estate for the hybrid work environments of the future. Room-based systems will need to accommodate post-pandemic office design factors, and video platforms will have to provide an experience for those in the conference room that's equal to those of remote workers. Systems will also expand their use of AI to drive productivity improvements like transcription, search, and post-meeting follow-up features. In short, the video revolution has just begun, and Enterprise Connect's Video/AV Collaboration track will help IT and AV professionals get ahead of the curve for what's next.

Collaboration Platforms

Team collaboration platforms are evolving from messaging, persistent chat, and video, to complete employee experience portals. What will this mean for your enterprise end users? This track explores the future of enterprise collaboration platforms, while also providing our most popular in-depth programming on the market-leading platforms—how they're evolving, and how they stack up against each other.

Practical AI

AI is the engine that drives many of the most important advances in communications/collaboration technology. Whether it's deployed in the contact center, as the heart of Speech Technology applications, in next-gen video systems, or in the systems that manage communications and collaboration technologies, AI will touch every aspect of our industry. Our Practical AI track gives you real-world information you can use to seek out AI-driven solutions for your communications/collaboration technology challenges.

CPaaS & Communications APIs

The future isn't just about collaboration portals. Embedded communications and APIs will make communications a function of the business applications and workflows that run the enterprise. This track will get you up to speed on how low-code/no-code API platforms are impacting the communications/collaboration environment, and how you can use these technologies to transform your organization into a "composable" enterprise.

Unified Communications & UCaaS

Core communications functions built off telephony and Unified Communications applications are still mission critical, and you have to continue to support them. But since UC is rapidly migrating to the cloud as UCaaS (UC as a Service), much of your strategy will be about choosing the right provider, negotiating the right contract, and planning the right integration to the rest of your communications and IT environment. This track will provide a deep dive into the current state of the UCaaS market, and will fortify you with the information and strategies you need to roll out the most cost-effective UC strategy for the future.

Workplace Strategies

As an enterprise communications/collaboration decision-maker, you have to focus more closely than ever on your end users' experience when using the tools you provide them. Enterprise Connect's Workplace Strategies track focuses on how to drive user adoption of the new tools; what's required of you to support the future of work; and how to use the wealth of back-end data generated by your systems, in a way that helps users be more productive and respects their privacy.

Management, Networks & Security

Communications/collaboration systems run on networks—enterprise LANs/WANs, home broadband, cellular, and more. To keep communications running, you’ve got to ensure that your networks are high-performance and secure. That means you have to be well-versed and proactive in the management of both the networks and the systems that run on them. This track provides detailed insights on developments in major networking technologies; how to deal with support issues for legacy technologies; and how to make sure everything in your communications/collaboration ecosystem is as secure as it can be.