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Why Participate in the Exhibitor Co-Marketing Program?

We're excited to have your participation as a exhibitor or sponsor. We want to make sure your company has the best possible experience at Enterprise Connect. To ensure this we developed an extensive turnkey and complimentary program to help amplify your participation at Enterprise Connect 2020.

The Exhibitor Co-Marketing Program resources and tools are designed to be an extension of your own marketing program – to promote your presence, drive traffic to your booth and maximize ROI. Plus, EARN rewards just for promoting your presence at EC20!

On Average Co-Marketing Participants Increase Traffic to their booth by up to 10%!

Resources & Tools Included are:

  • Exclusive $400 Discount to share with Customers and Prospects
  • Co-Branded Customizable Landing Page (Launching Soon)
  • Customizable PDF invitations, Banner Ads and Social Media Graphics

Reward Opportunities Include:

  • Earn Additional Entire Event and Tue-Thu Conference Passes
  • Additional Visibility on Enterprise Connect Website
  • Savings on your Final Freeman Decorating Bill

What's On This Page?

We designed this page to provide you all the information you need to maximize the Exhibitor Co-Marketing program. The page separated by four sections: Complimentary Resources, Reward Opportunities, Best Practices & Social Media, and Co-Marketing Help.

Complimentary Resources

Your Discount Code

Your discount code is unique to your company, it applies the $400 OFF on Entire Event or Tue-Thu Conference Passes, $200 OFF WorkSpace Connect Summit or free Expo Plus* pass.

Be sure to include your discount code in all your promotional items. This way you ensure your customers/prospects can easily take advantage of this exclusive discount to join you.

Your unique discount code will be emailed to your company’s primary contact and can also be viewed in the Exhibitor Portal. If you have any questions or need your discount code information, please contact Maria Nelson ([email protected] | (415)947-6061.

* Expo Plus pass must be pre-approved by Event Manager before confirming registration (review to occur 24-48 hours from Expo Plus pass application).

Promoting Your Discount Code vs. Unique URL

Why Promote Your Discount Code?

Discount Codes can be manually entered while registering. The discount code will apply the $400 discount on Conference passes or free Expo Plus* pass in final registration step. Your discount code should be referenced on all your promotional items, so your customers/prospects can easily take advantage of the exclusive discount. Best Use Cases for Discount Codes: Emails, Social Media, Company Event Page, Newsletters

Why Promote Your Unique URL?

Your Unique URL has a dedicated tracking code for your company that is attached to the URL. The Unique URL automatically applies the $400 discount without requiring the registrants to manually enter the discount code in the EC registration system. The automatic discount is only applied if cookies are enabled. Cookies transfer your unique URL tracking code into the EC registration system.

Depending on browser setting it may block cookies from transferring the discount information, we recommend providing your discount code in addition to using the unique URL. Best Use Cases for Unique URL: Banner Ads, Email Signatures, or promotions with copy restrictions.

Why Does EC use Discount Codes and Unique URLs?

They allow us to track your marketing efforts and provide credit you the Co-Marketing rewards as you earn them.

Co-Branded Customized Co-Branded Landing Page - COMING SOON

Easily share your exhibiting at EC20 and exclusive discount with your customers/prospects.

The landing page is customized with your:

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Booth Number
  • Company Description
  • Discount code to SAVE $400 Off

Can you further customize the page?

Yes, we can add your sales team contact information. Looking for additional customization, please contact Maria Nelson ([email protected] | (415) 947-6061


 *landing page look subject to change

Event PDF Invite – COMING SOON


Easily share your exclusive co-marketing $400 discount with your customers/prospects. It’s a great tool for your sales team as they start connecting with your customers/prospects leading up to EC20.

The PDF can be customized with your:

  • Company logo
  • Booth Number
  • Unique Discount code

If you'd like a customized PDF Invite, please contact Maria Nelson ([email protected] | (415)947-6061.

EC 2020 Official Event Logos

Include the Enterprise Connect logo in your marketing assets. Just be sure to link the EC logo to either your unique URL or co-branded landing page (coming soon), this way we can track any registration you may generate. If you’d prefer not to use you’re dedicated URL, please link to the EC San Francisco Homepage www.enterpriseconnect.com/sanfrancisco. Whichever URL best fits your promotion we recommend mentioning the exclusive $400 discount and providing your discount code.


EC Branded Banner Ads - COMING SOON

Download ready-to-use banner ads for your website or email signature. Just be sure to link the logo to either your unique URL or co-branded landing page (coming soon), this way your customers/prospects can leverage the exclusive $400 discount offer you are providing. Whichever URL best fits your promotion we recommend mentioning providing your discount code.

Banner Ads can be customized to include your:

  • logo
  • booth number
  • discount code

If you’d like a customized banner ad or custom dimensions, please contact Maria Nelson ([email protected] | (415)947-6061)

Reward Opportunities

Freeman Rewards

Earn $100 off your final Freeman Decorating bill for EVERY Conference Pass* registration (Entire Event or Tue–Thu) that comes in with your unique discount code.

Not Interested in Freeman Rewards? View Other Reward Option:
Swap five (5) Freeman Rewards for one (1) Entire Event Conference Passes!

Freeman Reward Criteria:
Registrations must meet the following criteria:

  • Entire Event or Tue–Thu Conference pass
  • Unique Code must be applied during registration process
  • Registrant cannot be an employee of an Exhibiting or Sponsoring Company
  • Balance must be paid in full

Freeman Rewards Pass Swap Rules:
Exchange five (5) Freeman Rewards for one (1) Entire Event Conference Pass, valued at $2,795.

Freeman Rewards program ends Friday, July 31, 2020 at 11:59 PM ET. No registrations received after this date will apply towards this program.

Promotional Rewards Program

Earn rewards just for participating in the Exhibitor Co-Marketing programs. Rewards include: Additional Entire Event and Tue-Thu Conference Passes, added visibility on the Enterprise Connect website and more!

To Do:

Deadline to Earn Reward:


How To Redeem Reward:

Email Opportunity 1: Extend an exclusive discount to your customers/prospects to join you at EC20

June 5, 2020

One (1) Entire Event conference pass or 300x150 banner ad on Enterprise Connects website. Reward Value $2795. Earn up to three (3) Email Rewards*.

Send HTML or screenshot of email to [email protected]

Place a banner ad: on your website or event page.(Make sure it links to your co-branded landing page or Enterprise Connect Website (https://www.enterpriseconnect.com/sanfrancisco).

June 19, 2020

One (1) 300x150 rotating banner ad on Enterprise Connects Website. Reward Value $2495

Send URL or screenshot to [email protected] 

Email Opportunity 2: Let your Customers/Prospects Know Your Exhibiting at EC20

June 26, 2020

One (1) Entire Event conference pass or 300x150 banner ad on Enterprise Connects website. Reward Value $2795. Earn up to two (2) Email Rewards*

Send HTML or screenshot to [email protected]

Get Social on LinkedIn: Share what you're doing at EC20 with your network . Be sure to include your discount code & co-branded landing page URL in post.

July 10, 2020

One (1) Tue-Thu conference pass. Reward Value $2495.

Send URL or screenshot to [email protected]

Get Social on Facebook: Promote Your Exhibiting at EC20 to your Facebook Followers or group.

July 10, 2020

One (1) 300x150 rotating banner ad on Enterprise Connects Website. Reward Value $2495

Send URL or screenshot to [email protected]

Email Opportunity 3: Share what you are doing at EC20 to your customers/prospects

July 17, 2020

One (1) Entire Event conference pass or 300x150 banner ad on Enterprise Connect's website. Reward Value $2795

Send HTML or screenshot to [email protected]

Get Social and be Named EC20’s Most Social Exhibitor 

July 31, 2020

"Most Social Exhibitor" sign in winner's booth and $100 off your final Freeman Decorating bill.

The exhibiting company with the most tweets* containing "#EC20" or "@enterprisecon"

*Must have sent a minimum of 5 tweets


Best Practices & Social Media

Reach the EC Audience

Stay connected year-round with Enterprise Connects audience by joining us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and EC’s Community Site No Jitter.


Ideas for Getting Your Message Out:


Provide updates about your companys activities, product or other news and share your exclusive discount to EC20 through twitter! We'll retweet it on Enterprise Connect Twitter account. Include #EC20 in your tweets for tracking purposes.

Facebook Page:

Share with your followers what you are planning for Enterprise Connect 2020, new product information and more through Facebook. Don't forget to tag Enterprise Connect's Facebook Page on your posts.

Share on LinkedIn:

Build your online network by sharing your thought leadership with your community. LinkedIn is great channel to share whitepapers, webinars and product information leading up to EC20. Follow and Like EC's Company Page.

Leverage Video:

Create videos about your company’s product, or activities to look forward to at Enterprise Connect and we'll help it go viral. Send us the URL and we'll promote from EC’s twitter account

Co-Marketing Questions & Help

If you have any questions, need additional materials or would like to learn more about how to promote your presence, just contact dedicated Co-Marketing contact Maria Nelson ([email protected] | (415)947-6061).

Exhibitor Portal:

Log into the Exhibitor Portal to:

  • Review Co-Marketing Codes and URL
  • Review your logistical/planning to do’s and sponsorship deliverable
  • Register and review your booth staff and Comp Pass Codes
  • Submit Online Profile & Product Information
  • Download Exhibitor Services and Forms and more!